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My new book, Your Rainforest Mind: A Guide to the Well-Being of Gifted Adults and Youth, has been released! It’s available to order (in paper or ebook) on Amazon, Amazon UK and Amazon Australia (ebook only), Barnes and Noble (Nook), and at your independent bookstore.

Linda K. Silverman of the Gifted Development Center wrote: “Interwoven with rich case studies from Paula’s counseling practice, Your Rainforest Mind will be earmarked and tear-stained. Prepare to lose your first copy to your best friend.” Read the entire review here.

Tom Clynes, author of The Boy Who Played With Fusion, wrote: “The rainforest is Paula Prober’s fresh and apt metaphor for the abundant internal ecosystem of the gifted child or adult. Like tropical forests around the world, the gifted are both fragile and powerful, surrounded by threats but full of world-changing potential. Prober does not settle for shallow or simplistic answers; she explores and finds inspiration in places that other researchers and practitioners haven’t considered. Drawing on examples from her clinical practice, she presents straightforward strategies for encouraging not just accomplishment, but also the capacity for happiness and fulfillment. The result is an intensely readable and useful book that will resonate with anyone concerned with understanding and nurturing the extraordinary abundance within ourselves and the gifted people in our lives.”

I’ve written a preview of my book here on my blog. Check it out. And, I spoke about my book online on July 12, 2016 at You’ll have a chance to “meet” me, hear my sultry voice and listen to other rainforest minds from around the world. Here’s a review from Jen who is the founder of Intergifted, a wonderful online resource for gifted adults!

Thank you, dear readers, for being here with me. Let us know if you buy the book and what you think. Be sure to get a copy for your therapist, teachers, teenagers, partner, ex-partners, cousins, parents and parents-in-law!

Click here on my Amazon affiliate link to buy the book. IMG_0345

29 thoughts on “MY BOOK

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  6. Dear Paula: Thank you so much for creating this book. Reading it has been a significant turning point for me. The way that you describe the compilations of real life stories helped me to fit in the missing puzzle pieces on my journey to more self-acceptance. I now feel like I am on the path to being able to show up more as myself instead of thinking that I need to hide too many aspects of who I am in order to fit in. Words cannot express the gratitude that I have for such information and your compassionate level of understanding. With a warm smile of appreciation, Dorothy

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  10. Dear Paula,
    I’m so grateful to you for having written such an interesting, helpful and inspiring book.
    My daughter was assessed as gifted a couple of months ago which was both a shock and relief at having her uniqueness explained.
    When the woman who did her assessment suggested that I too might be gifted it was also a shock and relief to have an explanation for why I felt different.
    I sampled several books on Kindle to read up more on this topic and yours resonated the most.
    Despite my relief I’ve had many moments of doubting if I really fit the bill, even while reading and identifying with your chapters. Yes, I easily learned several languages and have wide ranging interests and talents, have a deep concern for the environment and am a quick thinker, but on the other hand I was never good at physics, chemistry, etc and there is so much foundational knowledge I lack. Some of my family members and acquaintances are also very intelligent, so I can’t help wondering which of them might be RMFs and what it really takes to qualify. Is it reallly just 1-2% of the population as I have read? It just seems like there are more really smart people out there.
    And finally, I keep asking myself if the label matters? Since it has already brought so much clarity and relief to me (along with some regrets), it must matter…but I feel I shouldn’t dwell on it too much.
    I just wanted to share my experiences so far as I come to terms with these realizations and think about how to move forward, and again express my gratitude for your book and the platform for like-minded people to find common ground. Thank you!

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    • It’s great to hear from you, Maria. I think it is important to understand the characteristics of your giftedness. I was talking with someone today and we were saying that there are gifted folks who are not rainforest types. Perhaps the scientists who are cognitively advanced and very focused. Maybe who are more logical-linear types. High achievers in a certain field. They’re more often the ones seen as gifted. The rainforest type is more creative and nonlinear with multiple interests. Possibly more intuitive. So it’s important to recognize this as giftedness also. Because there’s also a high level of intellect, deep thinking. I’ve heard the statistic as 3-5% of the population. Some people say as many as 10%. Thank you for letting me know how the book has impacted you. It’s so rewarding for me to hear from readers!


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  14. Hi, I do love your book and have to read it again, it’s currently with my husband – a bit of a ‘you need to read this’ moment 🙂
    I’m currently grappling with home educating a voracious rain forest mind – instead of multiple simultaneous passions they occur one at a time for varying lengths of time. It’s challenging to work with sometimes as we support the passion and then it is dropped. If you know of any resources or expert in home education of gifted teens I’d be really interested.

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    • There’s a great resource for home education. They have books, classes and bloggers who are experienced homeschooling parents of gifted kids. You can find them on Facebook, too, and ask your questions there as well. Jen Torbeck Merrill is a mom of gifted teen sons. Caitlin Fitzpatrick Curley has a great blog and multiple resources. Her kids are younger but she might be another place to start. OK?


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  20. Dear Paula, thank you so much for this supporting website! I am 43 and I live in France and we have very few meaningful or encouraging literature about the gifted which we can read in French. I diagnosed myself less than 10 years ago thanks to a non scientific test created by Mary Elaine Jacobsen and which I found in her book. Good thing I can speak English, otherwise I would still not know by now. Reading your website is so exciting to me, I cannot stand reading too much of it and need to come back to it. It feels like I belong to the world, it feels like I am part of a group which is such a joy to me. It’s also a bit scary to say the truth. After all these years of despair, is it real that I actually fit in this world?
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish you could translate your book to French, so all the French speaking gifted people who still feel lost could finally find their way.
    all the best!

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