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Change The World By Galvanizing Your Giftedness

photo courtesy NASA, Unsplash, CC

photo courtesy NASA, Unsplash, CC

There are times when you might feel an urgency to maximize your mojo. To jumpstart your juju. To manifest your muse. To galvanize your giftedness.

This might be one of those times. 

I have two suggestions for you.

Because of my psychotherapeutic leanings, these ideas are inner world oriented. There are many opportunities now for outer world activities. And these are very important. (Don’t forget to include radical self-care.)

And from where I sit, changing the world is both an inside and an outside job. I specialize in the inner realms. The introspective. The neurobiopsychospiritual. The diving-into-your-abyss methods. The facing-your-demons plans.  My theory is that by doing the inside job, you become more effective on the outside. And, yes, you can do them both simultaneously. You don’t have to massacre all of your demons before writing to your congressperson or reducing your carbon footprint. Actually, you don’t ever have to massacre your demons. This is a nonviolent blog. But I digress.

Here are two simple techniques. You can start today.

Meet Your Selves

You are a compilation of subpersonalities with a higher Self at your center. Rather than being the total impostor-slacker-anxiety-ridden lost soul that you may see in your mirror on occasion, you are instead, a human with many parts. With a deep authentic radiant Essence at your core. You might have an inner critic, a wounded child, a scared addict or a paralyzed perfectionist on your list of subpersonalities. But be fair. You may also have an artist, healer, empath, scholar, inventor, athlete, and nature-lover in your psyche. So what do you do?

In your journal, enumerate all of your many parts. Choose one and start a dialogue. The idea is that you can converse with and get to know all aspects of yourself. In this way, you become friends with your “demons” and learn what they’re here to teach you. You invigorate the parts that are your strengths. And you begin to connect with the authentic, radiant Self at your core. For details about this process, go herehere, or here.

Meet Your Mentors

I know. A good mentor is hard to find. Maybe impossible. Not to worry. Make a list of humans you admire. Perhaps they’re authors, poets, scientists, artists, musicians, ancestors or athletes. They don’t have to be living. You don’t have to have met them. They can include animal companions or spiritual guides. Select about five to be your mentors, your committee, or your backup singers. List their names and what each of them has to offer you. Maybe it’s support for your creative project. Maybe it’s a sense of humor. Maybe it’s a hug when you’re in despair. Write to them when you need help. Ask for guidance. Then visualize yourself receiving their assistance or write the response in a letter from them. You may be pleasantly surprised at the results.

With these two techniques, you’ll be better able to handle the challenges of these times. You will strengthen your insides so you can be more effective on your outsides. You’ll maximize your mojo and jumpstart your juju.

You’ll get your gifted on.


To my bloggEEs: I’d like this blog to be inclusive and apolitical. I want everyone to feel welcome. That said, I’d like to find a way to be welcoming but not ignore the events of these times. It’s tricky. I may not be doing it very well. If commenters can avoid specific political statements, that would help. And if any of you want to share your concerns with me privately, you can contact me through the About page. Know that I appreciate all of you, no matter where you stand.



If I’m So Smart, Why Am I So Stressed Out?

Flickr Creative Commons Livin' Spoonful

Flickr Creative Commons Livin’ Spoonful

You’re stressed out. Freaking out. Tired out. And washed out. 

Are you ignoring your own needs? Not taking care of yourself?

You’re smart. Shouldn’t you know better?

Not necessarily.

True or false:

1. Everyone’s needs come before mine.

2. I have to be busy or I’m not worthy.

3. Look at all of the suffering on the planet. Who am I to get a massage?

4. Therapy is self-indulgent navel-gazing.

5. I’m smart so I shouldn’t need exercise.

6. Meditation is so last year.

7. If I take care of myself, I’ll be just like my narcissistic mother.

8. If I were really gifted, I wouldn’t get anxious and wouldn’t need time to unwind.

9. It’s a sign of weakness to take time to relax.

Flickr Creative Commons Leonardo Ferraguzzi

Flickr Creative Commons Leonardo Ferraguzzi

10. I prefer donuts to broccoli.

11. If I took time for myself, I’d feel guilty.

12. If I took time for myself, my kids would suffer.

13. If I took time for myself, I might like it and then the whole family would fall apart because I’d escape to a tropical island and read novels all day and all night.

14. I don’t have needs.

15. Needs are for sissies.

16. If I took care of myself, I might be happy and that would be weird.


Now you know the reasons you avoid self-care. Those reasons aren’t good enough.

You need to do the things that nourish you and relax you and heal you so that you can be the person you’re meant to be. Don’t waste any more time. You can’t be your authentic powerful purposeful self without nourishing your heart, your mind, your body, your soul and your spirit.

Don’t wait any longer.


To my bloggEEs: How do you take care of yourself? What do you do to self-soothe or to nourish your heart, mind, body, soul and spirit? And, as always, I want to know what you’re wondering about. Tell us in the comments.

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