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So Many Worries, So Little Time — Anxiety And Your Creative Mind

photo courtesy Lea Dobedout, Unsplash, CC

photo courtesy Lea Dobedout, Unsplash, CC

If you’re a sensitive, empathetic human, which you know you are, it would be very hard, OK, impossible, not to feel somewhat anxious these days. OK. Maybe very anxious. There are multiple reasons for this. So many opportunities for anxiety. I don’t need to tell you.

And let’s face it. You were born worrying. That very busy mind of yours could think of endless possibilities for concern. The pteradactyl hiding under your bed. Those timed tests in school. Your friends’ drug problems. The bullies on the street corner. The purpose of dark matter. Not to mention your finely tuned vividly accessible imagination. So many worries, so little time.

Then, if you became a parent. Well. What were you thinking? Parenting. Not the best job for the rumination-prone.

But here’s the good news. Your rainforest mind is not just here for apprehension, anxiety and angst. Nooooooo. You, dear friend, also have an enormous capacity to be inspired. To feel awe. To know wonder. And this may save you. (along with the many suggestions in this other post and occasionally shrieking in your car after a particularly vigorous kick boxing class)

You know awe. The night sky. An ocean sunset. Swimming with dolphins. The birth of your child. Listening to Lady Gaga sing ‘Til It Happens to You.

Wonder can take you out of your angst. Even just for a moment. It can allow you to feel your deep knowing. That there’s something larger, more beautiful, more powerful out there and in you. Maybe you call it Beauty. Maybe you call it Love. Maybe you call it Intuition. Maybe you call it String Theory. Maybe you call it God.

Whatever you call it, get yourself some awe. Let wonder back into your life.

It will soothe your worried soul. 


To my blogEEs: Where do you find awe? What inspires you? Tell us about your sense of wonder. What has helped you ease your anxiety? Thank you, dear readers. You inspire me.