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Change The World By Galvanizing Your Giftedness


photo courtesy NASA, Unsplash, CC

photo courtesy NASA, Unsplash, CC

There are times when you might feel an urgency to maximize your mojo. To jumpstart your juju. To manifest your muse. To galvanize your giftedness.

This might be one of those times. 

I have two suggestions for you.

Because of my psychotherapeutic leanings, these ideas are inner world oriented. There are many opportunities now for outer world activities. And these are very important. (Don’t forget to include radical self-care.)

And from where I sit, changing the world is both an inside and an outside job. I specialize in the inner realms. The introspective. The neurobiopsychospiritual. The diving-into-your-abyss methods. The facing-your-demons plans.  My theory is that by doing the inside job, you become more effective on the outside. And, yes, you can do them both simultaneously. You don’t have to massacre all of your demons before writing to your congressperson or reducing your carbon footprint. Actually, you don’t ever have to massacre your demons. This is a nonviolent blog. But I digress.

Here are two simple techniques. You can start today.

Meet Your Selves

You are a compilation of subpersonalities with a higher Self at your center. Rather than being the total impostor-slacker-anxiety-ridden lost soul that you may see in your mirror on occasion, you are instead, a human with many parts. With a deep authentic radiant Essence at your core. You might have an inner critic, a wounded child, a scared addict or a paralyzed perfectionist on your list of subpersonalities. But be fair. You may also have an artist, healer, empath, scholar, inventor, athlete, and nature-lover in your psyche. So what do you do?

In your journal, enumerate all of your many parts. Choose one and start a dialogue. The idea is that you can converse with and get to know all aspects of yourself. In this way, you become friends with your “demons” and learn what they’re here to teach you. You invigorate the parts that are your strengths. And you begin to connect with the authentic, radiant Self at your core. For details about this process, go herehere, or here.

Meet Your Mentors

I know. A good mentor is hard to find. Maybe impossible. Not to worry. Make a list of humans you admire. Perhaps they’re authors, poets, scientists, artists, musicians, ancestors or athletes. They don’t have to be living. You don’t have to have met them. They can include animal companions or spiritual guides. Select about five to be your mentors, your committee, or your backup singers. List their names and what each of them has to offer you. Maybe it’s support for your creative project. Maybe it’s a sense of humor. Maybe it’s a hug when you’re in despair. Write to them when you need help. Ask for guidance. Then visualize yourself receiving their assistance or write the response in a letter from them. You may be pleasantly surprised at the results.

With these two techniques, you’ll be better able to handle the challenges of these times. You will strengthen your insides so you can be more effective on your outsides. You’ll maximize your mojo and jumpstart your juju.

You’ll get your gifted on.


To my bloggEEs: I’d like this blog to be inclusive and apolitical. I want everyone to feel welcome. That said, I’d like to find a way to be welcoming but not ignore the events of these times. It’s tricky. I may not be doing it very well. If commenters can avoid specific political statements, that would help. And if any of you want to share your concerns with me privately, you can contact me through the About page. Know that I appreciate all of you, no matter where you stand.

Author: Paula Prober

I'm a psychotherapist and consultant in private practice in Eugene, Oregon. I specialize in counseling gifted adults and consulting with parents of gifted children. The label "gifted" is often controversial and confusing. I use the metaphor of the rainforest to describe this population. Like the rainforest, these individuals are quite complex, highly sensitive, intense, multi-layered, and misunderstood. They're also curious, idealistic, highly intelligent, creative, perfectionistic, and they love learning. I've been an adjunct instructor at the University of Oregon and a guest presenter at Oregon State University and Pacific University. I've written articles on giftedness for the Eugene Register-Guard, the Psychotherapy Networker, and Advanced Development Journal. My first book, Your Rainforest Mind: A Guide to the Well-Being of Gifted Adults and Youth, was released in June 2016 by GHF Press and is available on Amazon or at your independent bookstore. My second book, Journey Into Your Rainforest Mind: A Field Guide for Gifted Adults and Teens, Book Lovers, Overthinkers, Geeks, Sensitives, Brainiacs, Intuitives, Procrastinators, and Perfectionists, was released in June 2019.

20 thoughts on “Change The World By Galvanizing Your Giftedness

  1. Great post Paula and I like your new format too 🙂

    peace, Linda

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  2. Beautifully expressed Paula. And so timely. It feels to me that this is the time for us to step up with our many selves, and join with other rainforest folk. Thank you!

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  3. Meet your mentors: how about connecting with some saints? Great company, always willing to help, assist and inspire….

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  4. I agree, great post. I think the majority of gifted person never received the academic credentialing required to be accepted within the higher academically trained communities. Therefore, it is nearly impossible for them to be taken seriously. At the so called center, I enjoy theoretical physics, but to play in that game you must escape the island of misfits, and I don’t see a Mentor anywhere willing to share their boat with someone they see as dead weight. Maybe I should check the other side of the island or maybe just keep swimming? I don’t know, my arms are growing tired, and no land in sight. Thanks Paula. Richard

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hm… are the “misfits” the ones with the rainforest minds? Maybe it could actually be pretty fulfilling to stay with them on the island. What might you create together? Who are the mentors you could meet in your journal/mind?


      • Misfit, “a person whose behavior or attitude sets them apart”. Sounds like Intellectual Giftedness to me/rain forest mind! My metaphoric use of an “island” in a sea of conformity could have been a tad over the top. Do I want to be stranded on an island intellectually speaking? No! Do I love the seclusion of island life? Absolutely! Thanks Paula

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    • I get you, Richard. I also thought that in order for me to conduct credible research I needed to have an advanced postgraduate qualification. To continue the metaphor, I didn’t even reach the island shore. You could say I have a paralysing fear of water! 😉 ) Instead I’m building my own damn raft. I’m doing my own private research as best I can. I’ll keep going until I’m either satisfied with my own conclusion or I have enough to present to a ‘professional’ who may or may not continue with me.
      You need to be rowing your own boat, my friend. A mentor is merely just a spare oar. If you’re really truly passionate about your own boat, then it’ll take you beyond the breakers. And then you may even find some misfits rowing out with you.

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      • Thanks Anonymous, I see a Mentor as a compass opposed to an oar. Regardless, keep building that damn raft, I admire your tenacity. Maybe one day we’ll bump heads, once we reach shore. Once again, Thanks

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    • I think I should’ve added that mentors can be wonderful additions that make the journey a little bit easier at times. You know, having a second oar keeps you rowing in one direction and not in a circle ;), but they’re never going to row your boat… I hoped this went without saying. I have moments where I just drift along because I’m tired of doing it all alone, but then I get bored and I go find another journal article to add to my work. Or I go bore some people with my thoughts on a blog or forum online. 😉 Those are my inner mentors.

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  5. Ma’sha Allah, Paula so beautiful. I especially liked :” But *be fair*. You may also…” I think sometimes it is easy to get caught up in negativity and denial and self limit.

    One of the people I’d choose as a mentor is a humble and wise man named Mohamed Ali [not boxing legend!], who once told me in reality, when we are helping others, we are only helping ourselves”. Isn’t that an absolute truth? We are impacted so much by what we give, what we contribute and it will always be positive, so long as it is altruistic, because the disappointment only comes if we expected something back. I love the idea of pay it forward – kindness and help and compassion that is, and *only* the positives! =)

    I think that what we do is every single bit as real as how we feel, but, we can struggle to get out of how we feel sometimes, hence the beauty of writing/receiving the letter… empowering tool ❤

    I knew I would be reminded of something very powerful and good reading this, it was worth waiting for, thank you =)

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  6. I’m doing the happy dance right now because I LOVE your suggestions. Beautiful, practical steps that continue to yield rewards with continuing practice. THANK YOU for pointing these out. And kudos for a great title 😉

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  7. Reblogged this on helenjnoble and commented:
    Brilliant, timely blog!

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